InTheMusic: Boyboy, interview

Name: Sam McCarthy
Nickname: BOYBOY
Age: 29
Nationality: New Zealand

Who is Boyboy? What’s your real name and where does your art name came from?   My name is Sam McCarthy. I was searching for a name that had a childish nature to it, but also a name that played with the idea of gender.

Where do you come from and where do you live?   I come from Auckland, New Zealand, and I live in Los Angeles California USA.

What does the music mean for you? What do you want to transmit to people?   I think music is a communication platform. You can tell people about your world in a song, with what you say and how it sounds. I want people to feel a lack of concern when they hear my music, and I want them to feel like they are understood.

Where does your style come from? Are you inspired from other artists?   I listen to a lot of old dance music and lots of soul and hip-hop. I love Aphex Twin but then I also love D’Angelo and Prince.

How did you started making music and why did you started?   My dad taught me how to play guitar when I was 10. I started because I saw it as something I could grow with and develop a skill for.

What’s your kind of music? How do you produce your music? Are you alone or someone helps you?   I like to say ‘Pop music’, because it’s a broad term that anyone can apply themselves to. I often write the majority of the song but I have close friends that I work with.

Are you working on something new? Could you give us some previews?   I am realizing an album in February, and I am already working on my second album.

Would you like to say something to our readers?   Focus on your breathing, see if you can slow it down and make it smooth and comfortable. Do you notice a difference in how you feel overall? If you feel good, keep at it.

BB. for Siloud


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