InTheMusic: DeVonte Singh, interview

DeVonte Singh is an American rapper. The music is his direct vehicle to project my spiritual degree to the world and the breath is my superpower. Recently, he’s been transforming his sound and it seems the whole Hip Hop and R&B panorama is mixed in him. “36 chambers” is all about an inward growth from his past selves: he just learned more about himself and it changed his perspective on music.

Name: DeVonte
Surname: Singh
Stage name: DeVonte Singh
Age: 27
City: Baltimore, USA
Nazionality: Asiatic Black
Released Tracks: Motion, Died N Rose, Like Me, 31k, Blood Diamond, The Best
Released Album: Died N Rose Studio EP, 36 Chambers
Activity period: from 2020
Genre: Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Trapsoul
Digital Stores: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora,
Beatport, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio, + all major streaming platforms

Devonte Singh

Who is Devonte Singh?

I am a 27 year old asiatic black male named DeVonte Singh, born and raised in Baltimore Maryland USA. I currently live in Pennsylvania USA and I work with kids mentoring them and helping mold their minds into better character. I love my job and the opportunity I have to help kids grow and become greater thinkers.

Another aspect of myself that I must speak upon is my deep connection to breath. To me
breath is what humans call “GOD”. The closer you are to your breath the closer you are to GOD. This preset of programming led me to Tai Chi and Nei Kung.

Why don’t you have a stage name?

I have not chosen a stage name because I do not feel like a characterization of my vessel is appropriate to project to the world. I am who I am at all times. DeVonte Singh adapts to whatever song is on and moves with them. Certain songs bring out different aspects of me. Who knows though, maybe one day I’ll have a nickname.

I’ve thought about “Lil Gwan” before, which means “little revered one” but that’s only because “Lil” is dope to say and feels cool, or Big Gwan. Maybe “Adonis Love“.

What binds you to music?

I really love the music of Michael Jackson, James Brown, Steven Tyler, Steve Perry, so many GREATS. So when I first got into music I was initially making movie scores. I listened to Hanz Zimmer and absolutely thought this man was a genius.

I started around 16 years old doing this in my momma basement. Up to around 21 I had people going on my beats and I thought these people were garbage honestly. Quincy Jones didn’t become Quincy Jones by NOT making GREAT music ALL the time. He was phenomenal at the crafting of vessels. It all came down to me doing my own music. I thought I was great THEN BEING TOLD by people in the industry say I was NOT good MADE me reflect on myself and learned I needed to practice. At first the practice brought me to hiphop due to the Wu-Tang clan, Erykah Badu, Slick Rick, original Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, etc. These GOATS had such incredible pronunciation and projection. I had to train heavily. I heard RZA from Wu-Tang speaking about some ‘conscious’ or ‘woke’ information and it changed my whole life. Breath is ALL Carbon is you and I.

The music is my direct vehicle to project my spiritual degree to the world. The breath is my superpower. Hip Hop is definitely different when it comes to projection. Singing allows me to add more depth. Hip Hop is just talking to the most accurate dot possible.

Listening to your songs, we’d only be in a club. How do you define what you do?

See, because you said you would only be in a club is why I have been transforming my sound. Yes, I love and desire for people to listen to my music and not have a worry in the world for those few minutes maybe want to have some great sex. But I am also learning new information from my masters and gurus that are changing what I talk about. The voice is incredibly powerful. There is information that is not being told to us that should be told. Sometimes I feel like I am here to do that. I deal with themes of metaphysics, sex, love, energy, prana, alchemical paradigms, etc.

The only way I could define my music is it is me. But January 2020 is not the best version of me you would hear. Yea, I am proud of what I have done but I am not at all satisfied. RIGHT NOW as I type this I am the greatest version of me. My next project is at a higher degree.

You’re very big into metaphysics, shaolin breathing training, knowledge of self and other deep arguments. How do they influence your way to make music?

The information that I receive helps me directly in crafting and writing my lyrics. The metaphysics of the mind meaning mind is ALL. Every thought is energy first and foremost. From that energetic onset of an electrical pulse, the ego, if not matured, tends to take seeds and plant them in the mind’s garden that grow trees of insecurity and doubt. When the individual gains the ability to confidently accept and reject seeds BEFORE they begin to be planted that is true alchemy. This is just the beginning.

The breath training helps calm the mind. It helps ease the physical tension so the light can enter the eye. This influences me because the voice only vibrates through breath, the greater my breath the greater my voice.

From Kanye West to Ty Dolla Sign, from Wiz Khalifa to Drake, there are a lot of artists you’re influenced by. Which are your favourite ones?

I really enjoy listening to Kanye West, Drake, Future, Kendrick, Jay Rock but I also enjoy listening to Michael Jackson, Prince, Maurice White, Phil Collins too for real. I am not sure if I have a favorite out of these names because I feel different some days. Let’s just say in the moment I need to listen to music they are all my favorite. They keep me in a super smooth cool resonance field.

These artists influence me because of how well they project themselves. Very good recording artists. Like, I literally think the fact that Michael Jackson and Prince did NOT use autotune is absolutely AMAZING. THAT is the thing that makes them unstoppable. I will be unstoppable.

It seems the whole hip hop panorama is mixed in you; however, we feel like there’s also a connection with the R&B genre. From the beginning, what’s changed in you as an artist?

Yes, Yes, Yes. There is a heavy heavy influence of R&B. The R&B influence is from hearing Drake sing and rap and still sound absolutely incredible and still sound like himself. I did not necessarily sound like me when I was singing. I was trying to sound like someone else. That is the biggest thing that changed in my music. My voice changed, but that only came from diligent practice. I got the music I have today ONLY from research and study. These artists weren’t amazing just because. They trained very very hard, but at a younger age.

I only started singing at 24 so I have to train extra hard and breathe super super deep. My lyrics improved a lot also. Just due to more knowledge received. I’ve never been asked about my musical characteristics, I would say I have a fully rounded and professional sound. I know for a fact I do NOT sound like I used to. My training and practice is the only reason I have gained confidence in my music. Maybe confidence could be a characteristic of my music. I’ve been singing a lot more recently on these last few songs. But it is more or less Speech Level Singing as seth riggs would say.

You released your first song last year. Did you produce any tracks before 2019?

No, I did not release anything official. I did minor Soundcloud material but nothing legitimate like I have been working on recently. Recently I’ve been incredibly happy with my material. I did produce songs for a few other people. I usually just stay in my house and write, I find it difficult to write music when there are other people around. The main thing I learned from production is that I need to do more layers, I need to pan more, and there has to be better main vocal stacking combined with harmony. Life inspired this project, I just love making music and hearing it back and people enjoying something I created out of space.

I would say my sound is most related to Drake and Kanye West because of how well they are at speech level singing. One thing that changed also has been my branding. I used to do the whole prince thing with the feminine aspects but I do not do that anymore. I feel like I was just copying him and not being myself for real. Now it is just me being me. I enjoy sophistication and smoothness. more masculine branded now.

“Died n Rose” is your first album. It confirms your strong attitude to hip hop, let’s say it’s a big way to start a journey into the music scene. What inspired you for this project?

Thank you, thank you. When I feel like venting or speaking some truth I have to rap. I am not too sure why it feels like this for me, but it just is. This album I wanted to prove myself as an artist to respect. I am not the same rapper as the next talking about the same things everyone else is. I will be admired and respected for my music, which means my spirit will be admired and respected. I wanted this to represent aspects of myself and to serve as motivation. I feel like I put my energy and all into my songs and what I project is healing. This album I wanted to project that as much as possible.

I want people to question what they have been told. I want people to question me because those questions help me better innerstand these processes and alchemy. A lot of my writing has to deal with me realizing who I am. Who we are as a people. How much the government and other business entities are truly trying to hinder our evolutionary timing. According to certain lectures, I’ve heard right now is 2012. Right now is the time we ascend. My next project I am working on now is going to be my greatest work to date.

“36 Cambers” is your second release. What is it?

36 chambers” is all about an inward growth from my past selves. I just learned more about myself and it changed my perspective on music. There is a mixture of hip hop and R&B elements as well. That seems to be my lane. Always hook heavy but my verses where I’m rapping I just want people to listen and feel motivated and inspired to be the greatest creative they can be for real. I drop a few gems here and there.

There is a movie on Netflix called “The 36 chambers of shaolin”. This movie is what directly inspired the name.

Devonte Singh has just left the ground, he’s ready to conquer the hip hop world. Do you have projects for the future?

Yeeesssssss!!!! Right now I am working on my 3rd album. Due to the Corona Virus, I have not been able to get to the studio as much as I would like BUT I have been recording music consistently on my phone and posting #stayhome music videos on my Instagram.

Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

Just understand, innerstand and overstand that your mind has infinite power to change or adapt to wgatever is happening. There is no seed planted in your mind that can note be dug up. You have the absolute power within yourself to break bad habits, love for your partner fuller, appreciate more, find a better job, stay alone, it does not matter.

Whatever it is, your mind can change. No more insecurity, no more doubt, no more fear. You have what it takes to become what you see.

DeVonte Singh for Siloud

Instagram: @devontesingh
Twitter: @devontesingh777
YouTube: DeVonte Singh


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