InTheMusic: Ron Gallo, interview

From Philadelphia, Ron Gallo is an artist that deals with different genres of music: indie, pop and alternative. His latest production is “PEACEMEAL”, written and recorded in March 2020, during the quarantine period. With this album he made like a Frankenstein, because of the mixes of genres. 

Name: Ron
Surname: Gallo
Stage name: Ron Gallo
City: Philadelphia
Nationality: American
Released Album: HEAVY META, Really Nice Guys EP, Stardust Birthday Party, PEACEMEAL
Activity period: since 2016
Genre: Indie, Pop, Alternative
Digital Stores: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, etc.
Foto di Dylan Reyes

Who is Ron Gallo?

Ron Gallo is the character I play in this body at this time on earth, mostly known for music.  I’m from Philadelphia. 

“PEACEMEAL” is your latest production. How was this album conceived?

I began writing and recording during a period of self-isolation in my house in Nashville where I got sent back from Italy because of visa stuff.  I then took those tracks to a studio in Italy and worked a bit then finished it back in my room at the beginning of quarantine period in March 2020.

PEACEMEAL is a mix of different music influences: hip-hop ’90, r&b, weird pop, jazz and punk. How have you succeeded putting together, in one single sound, so different matrices?

I really don’t know; it was like making a Frankenstein.  I think the hip-hop elements are in the drums.  The R&B, pop stuff in the melodies and background vocals.  The jazz in the chords. And the punk elements in the lead vocals, the delivery and the attitude of it.

This album is made of a lot of singles that make it a long production. What is the thread that burns every track?

Color, self-embrace and just making whatever I wanted to make from song to song with no limits, a little humor, an odd worldview and I think the consistent use of “jazzier” chords are the common themes.

“Can We Still Be Friends?” is the single that anticipated PEACEMEAL. Why did you choose precisely this track and, more generally, what is the link between the album and your past productions?

I really don’t think there is any relationship between now and then.  I’ve always reinvented from album to album but this is the most drastic change. If anything, the relationship was to not keep doing what I did before because I am not the same person I was, I don’t think anyone is after 6 years, so I wanted the music to reflect that and feel like a genuine snapshot of where I am at now and what I am into.

Let’s take a step back, now. What is your first memory related to music and what was your path in it so far?

Practicing trumpet as a kid in the guest room at my grandmother’s house.

It is very difficult to assign you a label as your music is outside of any canon. In the modern world, being an artist should be understood in this way: experimenting, breaking free from canons and finding one’s own dimension. How did you manage to achieve the result that characterizes you today?

Trying to just become more and more honest with myself – about who I am, what I really like and not being afraid to embrace all of it and share it.

What does it mean for you to be an artist and how do you try to communicate a message (and which one) to your listeners and followers?

Probably what I just said above^ Self-embrace, being real with yourself and how that turns into being more real with others.  For a long time, I was really into this idea of rattling and changing minds or the world, but it’s unrealistic, we have to be what we want to see.

It’s certain that PEACEMEAL is not your point of arrival nor your launching point. Let’s say that it is a very important stage of your path that arouses a lot of curiosity in all of us to know what your next steps will be. What are your plans for the future?

Oh, I like that.  I think you’re right.  This is the beginning of something new and after this I don’t think people will be able to expect any one thing from me because I will always be evolving and trying everything at some point.  I have a ton more songs written and recorded of all different kinds of music and I want to put something else out before the end of 2021.

 Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?


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