InTheMusic: Diaz Off, interview

Starting playing covers in 2010, Denis and Vincent Diaz (father and son) decided to make their own songs in 2020. Denis is specialized in guitar and Vincent in drums. The Diaz Off ‘s last album is “A ticket to Nowhere” and it shows the desire to share their inner world with people, putting poetry before business.

Band: Diaz Off
Members: Denis Diaz, Vincent Diaz
Age: 50, 20
City: Avignon
Nationality: French
Released Tracks: Don’t You Worry, Hello Eloise
Released Album: Hollywood Suicide (EP)
Activity period: Since April 2020
Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop
Digital Stores: Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Napster

Who is behind Diaz Off?

Denis and Vincent Diaz, father and son, started playing covers in 2010. So many concerts during 10 years, they finally decided to make their own songs in 2020. Denis, 50 years old, professional musician since 1989, singer, guitar player, musical arrangement. Vincent, 20 years old, drummer, bass player, singer, sound engineer. They were born both in Avignon, south of France.

Where does your stage name come from?

Simply family name.

Why have you decided to create a music project and, before that, when did you have your first approach into the music world?

Denis had a revelation the first time he saw the Beatles on TV, Vincent as the same. Since childhood. Then they both started playing music at a very young age. The guitar for Denis and the drum for Vincent.

Your music utilizes the past music with a new approach: who are you inspired from?

Rock 60’s (the Beatles, the beach boys, the kinks) and movie soundtrack (Ennio Morricone, Jerry Goldsmith, Lalo Shiffrin).

What is the aim of your project and what is the message that you want people to receive listening to your songs?

Carry on the tradition and the legacy from our elders, honesty, work, passion, love.

This is not your first experience in the music, in fact Diaz Off has been a musical family business for five year. What are the main features of your sound and how have you made it?

Our sound came directly from 10 years playing together live on stage, we try to sound out of time, the best way to stay in the loop. Our sound came also from a very meticulous work in the recording studio. We hope that people will have as much fun as we have had doing it.

When did your journey into music started and what is changed since then?

Our music is more and more effective, simple to listen, we try to keep only the essential. Catchiest melody, good rhythm. Music for everybody, in the noblest sense. Our previous EP Hollywood Suicide was more electronic than the next album. Even if the song “Whisper” sound really acoustic almost like traditional music. Our next album “A Ticket To Nowhere” is radically more rock. 

“A ticket to Nowhere” is your last album, a various and multiskilled production in which you express your abilities into music. How did this project come about?

 Mostly the desire to share our inner world with people. Putting poetry before business.

What are your plans for the future? 

Keep on creating, working with a record company, we have almost 50 song in our closet waiting the right moment. 

Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

We are making music for them. We really think of them, they must keep the faith and believe in us. We need their love.

Diaz Off  for Siloud

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