InTheMusic: KD Mukasa & Francesca, interview

Francesca, a London based actress singer from Italy and London based Hip Hop Artist KD Mukasa, together duo band KD Mukasa and Francesca are releasing new single and music video “Spotlight”. The single is from their hugely anticipated EP “Fairy-Tales in Perugia”. Their main feature is no rules, no boundaries. They don’t define what they do, maybe what they do defines them. Their music is led by intuition, feeling, instinct and a sense of creative freedom

Duo: KD Mukasa & Francesca
Members: KD Mukasa, Francesca
City: London 
Nationality: British, Italian
Released Tracks: Spotlight
Album Releases: Fairy-Tales in Perugia EP (2021)
Activity period: from 2021
Genre: Hip Hop/Jazz/Pop
Digital Stores: Spotify, Apple Music

Who are KD Mukasa & Francesca?

KD: Based in London, British Hip Hop Artist and Art entrepreneur.
FR: Based in London, Actress, singer and model from Italy  

Let’s talk now about your stage names. How did you choose them and how do they represent you?

KD & FR: Life is a stage, and as they say, we are all actors. We therefore don’t have stage names, because the stage is where we live, who we are.

For each of you, what is your journey in music and what have been the most important moments until now?

FR: My uncle is a musician, a graduate of DAMS in Bologna, and he bought my me first guitar. Music is therefore something I’ve grown up with. Our joint recording for this EP in Kent UK, was an important moment, and important milestone for me.
KD: From a family with traditional values, I flirted with music, but academia was pushed more by my family. It was later in my life that I found music again. Our ‘Spotlight’ single being played on the radio by NIKY Radio in Quebec Canada, part of iHeart Radio, was an important moment. 

How did you meet and why did you decide to start an artistic project together?

KD & FR: London is a hub for passionate creatives, and our creative paths crossed. I (Francesca) was also one of the lead actresses for KD’s London Paternoster Flow freestyle music video featured on popular UK Hip Hop Channel Link UP TV. 

There is no production that has no influences; indeed, often the originality is given precisely by their mixing. In your case, which genres do you put together and which artists do you inspire?

KD & FR: Thats’ an interesting question. What drew us to this project, is the concept of dichotomy, and in some ways, us drawing from oppostite musical landscapes and galaxies.

Going deeper, what are the main features of your productions and how would you define what you do?

KD & FR: The main feature is no rules, no boundaries. We don’t define what we do, maybe what we do defines us. Our music is led by intuition, feeling, instinct and a sense of creative freedom. 

Would you like to give an overview of your past productions and how your music has evolved over the years?

KD & FR: We live in the moment, in the presentThis in some ways, is a new journey, and the ‘Fairy-Tales in Perugia EP’ will be released in 2021.

“Spotlight” is your last single. How did this project come about?

KD & FR: The best art is often impulsive, not planned. But once we stumbled on a path, we followed it without hesitation.

Your latest EP, on the other hand, is titled “The Fairy-Tales in Perugia”. What can you tell us about this production?

KD and FR: The themes of this EP are romance, adventure and fantasy. With its abundance of old town charm, jazz festivals, art, captivating architecture and culture, Perugia in Italy, Francesca’s hometown, is the perfect setting for this story. The EP is split into 3 chapters, each chapter telling short stories.

What are your plans for the future? 

KD and FR: The future is often unpredictable and unknown. Rather than fixed plans, we find it useful to approach the future with core values. Are we entertaining ? Are we enjoying ourselves? Is our music and art touching others?  With a short film in the works for the Fairy-Tales in Perugia EP- Chapter 1 which we have just released, we’d like people to absorb it and live with it before we move onto the next Chapter. Your readers can subscribe to the KD and Fran community newsletter on our website  to claim their exclusive digital copy of the EP. All free ofcourse, on the house.

Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

KD & FR: Don’t be afraid of the unknown.

KD Mukasa and Francesca for Siloud

YoutubeKD & FR


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