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Zach is 30 years old and he lives in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). As he’s a new musician, he still have a regular job as a software trainer. He is passionate about music as it gives him a creative outlet and way to express himself that is not always easy to do with just words. His music project is called Simulated Youth and “Kiill the Messenger” is his latest production: this single reflects the retro and futuristic influences that characterize the whole SY project.

Name: Zach 
Surname: -
Stage name: Simulated Youth
Age: 30
City: Phoenix, Arizona
Nationality: USA
Released Tracks: NBT (feat. Camoragi), Money in My Tummy
Activity period: since 2020
Genre: Dance, Darkwave, Darkpop, Experimental Electronic
Digital Stores: YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, etc.

Who is behind Simulated Youth?

My name is Zach. I’m 30 years old and I live in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). As I’m a new musician, I still have a regular job as a software trainer. Fortunately I’m able to work remotely, which gives me more flexibility to work on my music. Aside from my musical passions, I’m also very passionate about dog welfare around the world and I have a dog named Maya.

“Kill the Messenger” is your latest single: which is the vision linked to it?

I typically write the instrumental portions of my songs before the lyrics, so I always need to think of a title for the track while it’s still in development. I decided to call this one “Kill the Messenger” long before I had any lyrics done. Once it was ready for lyrics, I wrote a version that was more about the typical meaning of the phrase “kill the messenger” which basically means to not take things too seriously or get angry at people just for telling you something you don’t like. However, once I recorded the vocals, I thought it sounded too cliché. I then rewrote the lyrics to take “kill the messenger” literally.

This single reflects the retro and futuristic influences that characterize the whole SY project. In this specific case, were you really aiming to create an energetic sound split between dance and electro pop?

I think this song definitely demonstrates both of those influences. The vocal style has more of a retro feel to it, while the instrumental has a futuristic almost hyper pop vibe. Ideally this combination will add to the “dreaminess” of the music and help listeners really fade into the song as they’re listening to it.

Speaking more generally, which are the genres that you usually listen to and which are the artists that most influence you?

I enjoy similar darker themed electronic music. Crystal Castles was previously my favouite band. Now that they’re no more, I enjoy listening to Alice Glass and also more recently Catnapp. I’ve also always been a fan of Aphex Twin and Die Antwoord from the visual / creative side of things.

How is “Kill the Messenger” related to your past productions?

I’m trying to create a signature sound, so each of my songs will typically incorporate: a very danceable sound with an overall dark theme, bright/uplifting chorus to balance out the darkness of the track, weird/heavily edited vocals and usually minimalist lyrics. So far each of my songs have been consistent in these ways.

Let’s take a step back, now. How did you become passionate about music and why is it important for you?

More than 10 years ago I was into making rap/hip hop beats in my high school music studio. I then totally quit music for more than 10 yeas to focus on college and work. In 2020, I decided to try music again, however now in a very different style than just making beats. I am passionate about music as it gives me a creative outlet and way to express myself that is not always easy to do with just words.

Aside from music, what are your other passions?

I’m very passionate about dog welfare around the world and I would love to be involved in some larger efforts to end the dog meat trade. If I should become successful on a large scale with music, I definitely intend to use any influence I have toward these efforts.

Why did you decide to start a music career and which are the responsibilities you think you have as an artist?

Ultimately, I do not want to have any regrets later in life (i.e. “if only I would have tried making music, what if…”). Now that I am 30 years old, I’m starting to realize life is finite and therefore I want to take advantage of my time and pursue my passions more aggressively. As an artist, I always want to be true to myself and follow what I personally think is right, even if that doesn’t match perfectly with the mainstream.

What are your future projects, in the short and long term?

I’m already done with my next song, called “Cat vs Chicken (Kaboom)” which will be released May 14. I found a Dutch rapper called Opti Rob who will be doing vocals for a Dutch language version of the song. I’m also working on getting other vocalists for Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic language versions, but those aren’t confirmed yet! I plan to release 1 single per month during 2021, and likely a remastered album with a few new tracks in early 2022.

Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

Thank you very much for taking time today to learn a little more about me as a musician and I hope you listen to my music and enjoy it!

Spotify Pre-save Link for “Kill the Messenger”:

Simulated Youth for Siloud

Instagram: @simulatedyouth
Facebook: @simulatedyouth
YouTube: Simulated Youth
Souncloud: simulatedyouth


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