InTheMusic: Find The Rose, interview

Find The Rose is a duo made up of Vincent Fourey and Marin Bardiot, both from France.  They have chosen the name “Find The Rose” to represent the continual search for any aspect, whether it is the search for love, wealth, happiness. This name also represents their constant search for an artist to collaborate and exchange. Their most recent release is “Extravagant (Ft. Bl!zzi)”.

Duo: Find The Rose
Age: 23,24
City: Caen, Bordeaux (France)
Nazionality: French
Released Tracks: Extravagant (Ft.Bl!zzi), Feelings (Ft.Carljean, Maag), Blue Sky (Ft. Ebony rose), April Showers (Ft. LondonsCurious) 
Released Album: S U B L I M a T I O N (EP)
Activity period: from 2018 
Genre: New Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Trap 
Digital Stores: YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Audiomack

Who is behind Find The Rose?

We are a Duo made up of Vincent Fourey and Marin Bardiot. We both come from France. We live in two different cities on each side of France (Caen for Vincent) and (Bordeaux for Marin). We are 23 and 28 years old. We do not yet make a living from music even though we devote a lot of our time to this passion. Marin is a web developer and runs a consulting agency at the same time and Vincent is still a student in the Faculty of Sport, soon to pursue a master’s degree.

How did this stage name come out from?

We have chosen the name “Find The Rose” to represent the continual search for any aspect, whether it is the search for love, wealth, happiness, each of us is in perpetual search for what we desire. This name also represents our constant search for an artist to collaborate and exchange. Our music consists mainly of collaborations with different artists. We have already collaborated with several artists around the world, from Mexico to France to Atlanta and California. We love the idea of ​​traveling around the world virtually through music. Indeed, with the advance of new technologies in one click it is possible to have social interactions with several people or groups of people at the ends of the globe. We do not define ourselves as beat makers we compose music by collaborating with artists that we want to highlight the composers as well as the singers. We believe composers are artists in their own right and maybe headlining.

How was your passion for music born and when did it turn into a job?

Vincent: Personally, I started to be interested in music very young. My parents listen to a lot of music and also compose on their side (my mother plays the piano and my father the guitar) that allowed me to be rocked very early by music. I then started my musical journey by learning guitar and piano and then I discovered electronic music and computer music which now allows me to compose my own songs (ultimate goal when I was a child).

Marin: I have always been in the world of music since I can remember. My father was an underground event organizer, he took me very young to a recording studio in La Rochelle I was still there. In the primary school, the studio was called Planet Prod, it was pretty cool because the studio was in a big longhouse style collocation and it was a big revelation for me. I met sound engineers in the middle of a rec session, rappers on their lyrics, and Dj Virus who taught me to mix and scratch, at the same time I met computer music and I fell a fan. At the legal age I left for Bordeaux I went on for a year at the conservatory, but it was much too classic for me, so I continued with a training in a dj/composer school in Bordeaux where I am really became a dj and no longer just a composer. Yes, music is really a part of my whole life

How did you end up to the Find The Rose project and with which goal?

The duo Find The Rose was created in 2018 with the release of Nebula Beatz’s album 25%. Indeed Nebula Beatz is one of the aliases of Marin, member of the duo Find The Rose. During the conception of this album Marin had spotted Vincent (No Name) on the Soonvibes platform. The duo collaborated on track number 5 “Nebula Beatz – Paradise Airline (Ft. No Name). Following this collaboration the two artists noticed that the chemistry was there, their tastes and ambitions were similar, so this is how the Find The Rose chapter began. The goal of this duo is to mix our two worlds. Even if our tastes and our ambitions are similar, our personalities and our ways of composing are different but complementary. Our goal is to collaborate with artists in order to link our universes.

Your influences are varied, just as your music cannot be completely directed towards a specific genre. What are your artistic references?

Our influences are super varied. We are very influenced by the world of hip hop and R&B with artists such as high-klassified, Kendrick lamar, Lil Baby, Don Toliver, Stwo. We also take a lot of inspiration from films, and scenes specific to our lives in order to convey true emotions to our audience.

How would you define the style of your productions?

Our production style is quite eclectic, we like that the listener can recognize our style without knowing that we have composed the music they are listening to. In fact, we are working a lot on the consistency of our outings. We have two sides. A new Hip hop R&B Summer facet with sounds such as Feelings or April showers and a darker Rap, trap facet with productions such as Extravagant or S U B L I M a T I O N EP.

You already have a very large discography and have collaborated with artists around the world. What were the most important moments of your career in the music industry and how has your music evolved over time?

We have collaborated with several artists all over the world and this is what we love most about music. Several moments of our young career are important in particular the release of our first single “April showers” which marks the beginning of this adventure, it was a moment rich in emotions. The second most important moment is our decision-making regarding our independence, in fact we have chosen to work as freelancers without anyone’s help. We carry out all the steps for single releases and promotion. And finally, the last most recent highlight of our career is the meeting with our sound engineer DOCP who is very talented, passionate and who helps us to sublimate our productions.

What are the most recent releases of Find The Rose?

Our most recent release is “Extravagant (Ft. Bl!zzi)”: this single was just released this June 4, 2021. It’s a collaboration with the young Atlanta rapper named Bl! Zzi. This single is a rap on a rhythmic production.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plans for the future are manifold. First of all, we would like to release all of our singles with 3 different artists then we would like to finalize our next EP inspired by new technologies and the constant assessment of our abilities in society, as well as the daily pressure on the setting and unstable financial situation. This EP will be a little darker with very deep clips and visuals but we won’t say more. Stay tuned.

Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

We hoped that this interview will have allowed to know us a little more. We hope each of you finds the right rose for you. Do not hesitate to contract us on our networks, we remain available for any questions.

Find The Rose for Siloud

Instagram: @find_the_rose
Facebook: @findtheerose
YouTube: Find the rose

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