InTheMusic: Freddie Long, interview

Freddie Long is 27 and he’s a singer from the UK, currently living in London but originally grown up around Brighton. Music were always his passion but he never studied it at school. He has been doing music for 4 years now. His latest production is called “In Your Arms”.

Name: Freddie
Surname: Long
Stage name: Freddie Long
Age: 27
City: London
Nationality: British
Released Tracks: In Your Arms
Released Album: Motion EP 
Activity period: since 2019
Genre: Alt Pop
Digital Stores: YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, etc.

Who is Freddie Long?

Hey I’m Freddie Long and I’m a singer from the UK. Currently living in London but originally grew up around Brighton, UK. I’m 27 and have been doing music for 4 years now. Music was always my passion but I never studied it at school. It was something I kept quiet until my friends started to convince me to the upload covers online. After getting a good response online from people across the world It gave me the confidence to start taking it more seriously.

Let’s get to the point. Your latest production is called “In Your Arms”. How was it conceived?

Yes, I’m excited to share “In Your Arms”. It’s been over a year since releasing the “these darker days” EP and from that I wanted to build on the sound and push it more toward in the direction of what I’m going for. I knew going into the writing session I wanted to write a song that felt a sense of togetherness. The chorus acknowledges that person that helped you through hard times and is always that shoulder to lean on. With the verse I wanted to keep true to myself and keep them a bit more moody and have some darker characteristics in them.

Two different stylistic approaches converge in this track: alt-pop and songwriting. How did you end up to this result?

It’s always been something I’ve wanted to explore. I find I take inspiration from a completely different selection of music genres. So when writing this song I wanted to keep the chorus fairly pop with a ‘togetherness feel’ and the verse quite moody and bring out the character of the song.

The lyrics is focused on a specific experience: which one?

It’s directed to that person who has helped you through hard times. When you’re feeling low they are they to help and guide you through. The verses talked more about my mistakes and relegating on a person I once was.

Which are your past releases and how your music is evolving over time?

I released “These Darker Days” EP last year and from that I wanted to build on the sound. That EP was a little more raw sounding, with less electronic elements. With the new single “In Your Arms” I wanted to bring out more the electronic elements but also stay true to myself and have the live elements.

Let’s take a step back, now. What keeps you connected to music and how did you get interested in it?

Music is definitely a place where I can connect with my emotions. If I’m happy, sad, excited or any other feeling, music always allows me to connect with that feeling. I think that’s what drew me in from a younger age.

In your art project we perceive an intent to go beyond the rules. How would you define your way of making music?

I would say it’s very DIY. It’s been amazing to partner with Sony music through distribution on the new single and upcoming EP and I’ve loved working with them. But I still release everything through my own label “Banana Split Records”. I think by doing this is has allowed my creative vision to keep running and not have to worry about reporting back to someone else.

What are you trying to communicate to your listeners through your music?

I never try and consciously think about communicating with my listeners. As I think sometimes it comes off a little too much and could be taken the wrong way. Instead I like to write about how I’m feeling/my experiences and if my listeners can connect with that then it’s an absolute bonus. It’s a special feeling when people connect to a personal song.

What will be your plans for the future?

I’ve got an EP “Motion” set for release this year with more singles coming out. So I’m very excited to be able to share more new music and start this next chapter of my journey with you.

Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

Thank you for having me and for the continued support in Italy. It’s amazing to see and I really do appreciate you guys. I can’t wait to play my first show in Italy. It’s going to be a special moment.

Freddie Long for Siloud

Instagram: @freddielongmusic
Facebook: @FreddieLongMusic
YouTube: Freddie Long

Credits: Marco Negro, Astarte Agency


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