InTheMusic: Dino Brandão, interview

Dino Brandão has no job besides making music: he plays, sings, writes and produces. “Bouncy Castle” is his latest release and also the first single of his first EP as a solo-artist. This single talks about his body and his psyche and it’s a chant of hope.

Name: Brandão
Surname: Dino Mukanda
Stage name: Dino Brandão
Age: 30
City: Brugg AG
azionality: Swiss, Angolan
Released Tracks: Bouncy castle
Activity period: 2021
Genre: Afro psych
Digital Stores: Spotify, YouTube

Who Dino Brandão?

I’m currently living in Zurich, but I’ll move back to Brugg, a small town nearby. I’ve just survived my 30iest birthday. I have no job besides making music: I play, sing, write and produce. I sometimes skate, cook food and drink beers. I love.

What’s your latest release?

“Bouncy Castle”, the first single of my 1 EP as a solo-artist.

How did you end up to the “Bounce Castle” result with your sound?

I’ve spent a few years in my cave, minus 4th floor, and that’s what came out.

The track is a delicate moment of reflection on its past and its current state. What do you talk about?

I was diagnosed multiple sclerosis a couple of years back and I’m dealing with shitty states of the mind since somewhat like a decade. “Bouncy castle” talks about my body and my psyche and it’s a chant of hope.

How has your musical journey evolved over time?

I played djembe, drums and guitar as a kid. I played in different bands, I was a busker for a fair amount of time, sang in a musical, in a choir. I’ve spent all my money on instruments and software. I’ve found new musical companions. I’ve started travelling abroad to play my music. I played a few support tours and this summer I played a show at Montreux Jazz Festival and Elbphilharmonie Hamburg with my two friends and a string quartett. In the meantime, my head fell apart a few times, my body was shattered a couple of times, but I’m still in love and I’m living a dream.

Let’s take a step back, now. How did your origins influence your way of making music?

I grew up in a very musical street and my father teached me how to play djembé – that music is communication and that notes talk to each other – the rest was history.

“Bouncy Castle”, your new song, is the story of a very difficult period in your life. Can you tell us how it was born?

If only I knew what auto-immune illnesses are born off – well, I reckon, they don’t really exist and it’s just the point where medecine is stuck. Anyways, I was in my room here in Zurich, starting to appreciate my demons, before I moved into my bunker studio, I had a little drum computer and the first two lines and something to talk about, I pressed record and then it took me a couple of years to finish it. Because things take time and that’s how we learn some stuff, right?!

Who did help you in the production?

I played and produced this all by myself, time has helped, some institutions and my label helped me eat, aswell as the adorable Bertrand Siffert helped me finish the mix, and Dan Suter did mastering.

What are you planning for the future?

I’ll be playing my first little headline tour through some major European cities with a new liveband of brilliant musician. If all goes well, I’ll be repeating this for eternity and you and I get very happy seeing each other more often. I’ll release more music soonish and I hope to change the world for the better.

Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

May we start listening to each other again instead of turning all conversation into a firing argumentation that we absolutely have to win? May we talk to strangers out of curiosity? May we become more empathic, especially with those to whom we don’t feel very close? May we vote, if we have the right to do so? May we think of folks on the other side of the globe too and work towards a more sustainable way of living, a system in which most not only a few people see the benefits of their work? May we find somewhat like peace? May we love more than we hate? May I shut up?

Dino Brandão for Siloud

Instagram: @dino.brandao.yo
Facebook: @dino.brandao.yo
YouTube: Dino Brandão 

Credits: Astarte Agency


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