InTheMusic: Yoyohoney, interview

Yoyohoney is a musician who lives for life love art and people’s justice. The message he wants to get to his listeners is to enjoy the truth, dance and have no fear and fight. His aim is to do music until he dies.

Name: Mani
Surname: Shoniwa
Stage name: Yoyohoney
Age: 61
City: Edinburgh
Nazionality: UK
Released Tracks: Groove On, Get it on, Voodoo Soul, Sing Hallelujah
Released Album: VOODOO SOUL
Activity period: since 1990
Genre: Electronica, Tech House
Digital Stores: Beatport, Traxsource, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify


Essentially me and fantastic people who I’m been proud to work with.

How did you choose your stage name YOYOHONEY?

I had written a song ‘Yoyo’. Which a friend liked. They asked me to Yoyo, honey. Which made me laugh.

Your sound is very current: how do you describe it?

Uplifting, tech house. Electronica with soul which I’ve always done. I’m always looking to the future but I respect the past. Music that speaks the truth and has no fear.

And what kind of music do you like listen?

Sometimes Old, Sometimes New. Music that moves me. From Miles Davis to Detroit-tech to Bowie to Aretha. And discovering new fresh sounds which mixes and blends!

When did you approach the music world for the first time?

Through listening to Marvin Gaye, which was my mother’s music.

How your music is evolving over time?

Through discovery of new things. Its ever evolving but stays the same. I’m a musician who lives for life love art and people’s justice. When I search for inspiration, I also do photography and art.

What is your last project?

I’m not sure what you mean but I’ll still be doing challenging music until I die.

What’s the message you want your listeners to get?

Lose yourself, enjoy the truth, dance and have no fear and fight.

What will be your plans for the future?

Experiment. Use music and visuals that move me.

 Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

We live in challenging times but use positivity, channel your soul, energy and fight. And use respect. It beats anything. When the Music takes you high!

YOYOHONEY Long for Siloud

Facebook: @blacksugarmusic100
Spotify: Yoyohoney


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