InTheMusic: Harry Keyworth, interview

Harry Keyworth is in the transition of leaving his house in London and moving to USA full time to live another chapter and keep growing musically. . He likes subtle percussion, smooth sounds, singing and production with warmer elements that spark some imagination or make us day dream a bit. “On & On” is one of his latest singles, in collaboration with the singer Holly Martin.

Name: Harry
Surname: Keyworth
Stage name: Harry Keyworth
Age: 34
City: Nashville, London
Nationality: Welsh
Released tracks: Flux, Dreamer, The Night, Knew that day, Desert Rain
Activity period: since 2012
Genre: Alternative folk
Platforms: Spotify

Who is Harry Keyworth when he doesn’t make music?

At the moment I am rebuilding my home in Nashville so mostly spend my time in Home Depot spending money I don’t have. I’m in the transition of leaving my house in London and moving to USA full time to live another chapter and keep growing musically. I love it here so far and its a positive contrast to my previous 10 years in London.

Harry Keyworth is both your real name and your stage name. Why did you decide to keep them the same?

I decided after being in a few bands that I wanted to go solo and with that just kept my name for my stage name as it would feel strange calling myself something else when it was just me. I started gigging in venues around the UK sort of on the folk scene where everyone usually just goes by their name.

I do have other projects with different names however. It’s very different music so nice to keep it all separate.

When did you discover your passion for music and when didit turn into an artistic necessity?

I’m not sure it was a conscious decision really as I remember being affected by music before I could actually speak. My sister was listening to Johanne Pachabel -canon whilst she was doing homework, and I remember becoming frustrated that I couldn’t get her to play it again because she couldn’t understand what I wanted as I couldn’t use words at the time. I was probably 2. I wrote my first song when I was 10 about where I lived and my dog, there is a recording of it somewhere !

What are the genres you usually listen to and how do you put them together in your productions?

I’m an unconscious audio sponge so I’m not always aware of where the influences come from. I fixate on many things for a short period of time. I honestly listen to anything. Now I’m 34 it’s nice to go back 20 years and revisit things you were listening to and see if they hit different. Listening to old music is the closest thing we have to time travel I think!

Your productions are always very elaborate and full of ideas. How would you define your style and your sound?

 It’s definitely on the softer side of music. I like subtle percussion, smooth sounds, singing and production with warmer elements that spark some imagination or make you day dream a bit.

“On & On” is one of your latest singles. What did you want to tell with this track?

Its sort of a story of fatal attraction. It also tries to communicate that past relationships linger on in your mind. Some questions are never answered. Some issues are never fully healed… It goes on and on!

“On & On” is in collaboration with the singer Holly Martin. Why did you choose her voice for your featuring?

As you can hear voices like Holly’s don’t come around often. She has a particular tone and quality in her voice that really cuts through and fills your mind space making you forget about everything else when you listen to it. That’s what it does for me anyway! She’s also a great top liner and melody maker. My style is a bit unusual yet she seems to find a nice path through it.

More generally, how did the production of this song take place and how does it anticipate your future productions?

Well we have 3 more tracks together so we are going to see how they fair. I’d definitely want to do more with Holly if the opportunity comes up. I have lots of my solo music to release too so hopefully we can bring some more recordings together to release in between my personal releases

What are your plans for the future?

I’m not dwelling too much on far future plans. As we have seen in the last 2 years things can change quickly. I’m still hungry for new experiences. All I can say is if I can release music and play music then I will! I’m looking forward to this chapter in USA. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and learning new perspectives on music and life in general.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you get a chance to hear some of my music. I appreciate any support! And lastly thank you for supporting Siloud and being great music listeners and interview readers!

Harry Keyworth for Siloud

Instagram: @harrykeyworth
Facebook: @harrykeyworth
YouTube: Harry Keyworth


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