InTheMusic: Ada Oda, interview

The Ada Oda are fine people living in Brussels. In their own way, they wanted to do something a bit more rock than they really are. Unfortunately, their cheesy side hasn’t left them, so there are also some big melodic choruses on the album and even a ballad. The title of their latest album is “Un Amore Debole”.

Band: Ada Oda
Members: Victoria Barracato, César Laloux, Marc Pirard, Aurélien Gainetdinoff, Alexandre de Bueger
City: Brussels
Nationality: Belgian
Released tracks: Niente da Offrire, Un Amore Debole
Released albums: Un Amore Debole 
Activity period: from 2021
Genre: Pop 
Platforms: Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook

Who are the ADA ODA?

We are five people living in Brussels aged around 30. We have all different jobs in music, video, education. It was Ada Oda who brought us together. We didn’t know each other especially before that.

When was your artistic project born and which is your common purpose? 

I (Cesar) started the project on my own by doing a lot of music demos during the pandemic. I then contacted Victoria with whom I had briefly talked about music on Tinder a few months before. Together we finished about ten tracks which are the basis of Ada Oda. We were soon joined by the rest of the band to arrange the tracks and make it sound more live.

What does your stage name mean and what does it draw inspiration from?

Like a lot of bands I think, we struggled a lot finding a name for our project 🙂 Victoria had brought a list of New York Italo slang words, among them “Un Ada Oda” which meant “another day”. We thought it sounded cool. We’re glad we chose this because we’re always at the top of the alphabetical lists for festivals etc.

“Trying to bridge the gap between 80’s post punk and Italian chanson”: this is the description related to ADA ODA project. How would you define your style and sound?

 Even though we’re fairly quiet and relatively well-behaved people, we have a fascination for bands that play fast and hard. In our own way we wanted to do something a bit more rock than we really are. Unfortunately, our cheesy side hasn’t left us, so there are also some big melodic choruses on the album and even a ballad. As far as the lyrics are concerned, we rather talk about what we know, i.e., the daily life of thirty year old city dwellers who are a bit lost.

What are the artists you usually listen to and how do they influence your productions?

We listen to a lot of modern and old rock. In the stuff we like a lot at the moment: Dry Cleaning, Gustaf, The Cool Greenhouse…These bands exploded when we already had our songs ready so we thought “Great, maybe we’ll take advantage of it ;-)”… As for our sound, it’s more technical and budgetary constraints that make us sound the way we do. Some people will find it too lo-fi, others may find it to their liking.

“Un amore debole” is the title of your latest album. Tell us more!

It’s the state of mind we were in when we wrote the album. Both of us in not very intense love affairs, wondering if it was old age or the bad choices we had made that were responsible for the situation. This state of mind was extensible to our lives as a whole which made it a bit complicated. Fortunately, Ada Oda spiced it up a bit and love-wise, it’s getting better too, thanks!

This album is made of an irresistible sound with which the charismatic Victoria, of Sicilian origins, hypnotizes us singing love on an uptempo binary rock. How did you work on the production of this project, in terms of sound and lyrics?

As said before, this is really an album that has been made by hand. Half of the instrument recordings on the record were done in my room with a not so good sound card. We tried to redo everything in a studio but it sounded cleaner and less charming than the original demos. Some people will find it too lo-fi, but we’re happy to offer that to people. 

What binds the various tracks together?

I think Victoria’s voice and interpretation is the common thread in the record. The songs don’t necessarily sound the same because they weren’t all written with the same idea in mind. But the writing and the singing make the ten tracks of the album sound like a whole, I think, I hope.

What plans do you have for the future?

We’re in the middle of a European tour at the moment and our album isn’t even out yet. So, I think 2023 will be the same with lots of gigs and festivals. Normally we should be back in Italy in spring. We’ll also take advantage of the beginning of next year to write the new songs for the next album so that we don’t delay and release it quickly. 

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Be curious, go to concerts.

ADA ODA  for Siloud

Instagram: @adaodaband
Facebook: @adaodaband
YouTube: Ada Oda

Credits: Astarte Agency


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