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Music occupies most of Olla’s time: when she’s not at the studio and not writing/composing anything, she works on other aspects of her music career. Living in Monaco has definitely shaped her artistry and her music and she calls it chic, classy and exclusive. “Prana” is the title of her latest single, following up the debut single “Monte-Carlo”.

Stage name: Olla
City: Monte Carlo
Released tracks: Monte-Carlo, Prana
Activity period: since 2022
Genre: Pop, Dance pop
Platforms: YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer

Who is Olla when she doesn’t make music?

It’s a tricky question since music does occupy most of my time, to be honest. But when I’m not at the studio and not writing/composing anything, I work on other aspects of my music career. This includes regular sessions with vocal coaches, doing sports, analysing the current music trends, etc.

I travel a lot with my family and friends and this is what empowers my imagination and inspiration. I also study psychology, mostly learning about self-awareness concepts; this is my second passion after music.

When did Olga become Olla and what is the meaning of your stage name?

My birth name is Olga, and I always wanted my stage name to relate to it. I was experimenting with different forms of stage names derived from my real name and I loved “Olla” the most.

You started singing when you were only 4. How did you discover your passion for music and which are the most important steps in your artistic career until now?

Singing and performing has been my dream since early childhood. And that idea of becoming a singer was getting more serious as I was growing up. Eventually I realised that this is not just something I want to do, but that is what I am meant to do. Due to family reasons I couldn’t proceed with music studies at an early age. But at some point of my life, when I finally got a chance to pursue my dream, I went to LA to study music and I started having regular classes with a vocal coach. As I moved to Monaco I assembled a team of very creative and talented people with whom I currently write and produce my music.

What are the genres you usually listen to and how do you put them together in your productions?

Recently I’ve been mainly listening to instrumental music with vocals by various artists from all around the world. For example, “Secret Love” by Nicos, “Fracture” by Amanaska, “Claire De Lune” by Carlos Campos and Ravin, etc. Those songs might not be commercial super hits, but they are incredibly beautiful and deep, meditative and all consuming. This type of music is what I believe is a true definition of art which is meaningful and inspiring. And I believe I did adapt some of its features like using ethnic instruments. I love experimenting with various acoustic sounds in my productions to make them more special and memorable.

At a certain point of your life, you moved to Monaco and that was very important for your artistic image and singing style. How would you define your style now?

Living in Monaco has definitely shaped my artistry and my music. I could call it chic, classy and exclusive. When I do music I always aim at high quality and creation of long lasting values and meanings.

“Prana” is the title of your latest single, following up your debut single “Monte-Carlo”. Where does this title come from?

I wrote “Prana” as an anniversary present for my partner. The song is incredibly romantic, but in a more mature way. As I love learning about different cultures I knew about this concept of Prana which translates into “vital energy” or “life force”. In this song, I talk about love as of a great all healing power that conquers  all, heals everything and connects people.

The track talks about the vital energy of love. How did you work on these lyrics?

The idea was to express all the emotions and feelings I have for my partner, to describe the beginning of our relationships that were so mature and committed. This song talks about my vision of the world, which can be so fragile and volatile. But one thing is unchangeable and this is the power of our love, this ‘prana’ feeling that connects our souls and our lives.

How did you work on the production of “Prana” and what about its official video?

The initial “Prana” mostly consisted of a top line with beautiful piano chords. But my team and I decided to go bigger. So we added the sound of the hang. Using ethnic instruments is my sort of signature thing and hang’s sound is so mesmerising and meditative, so it was perfect for this particular song. We also wanted the chorus to sound wider, so we played with some energetic drums, guitars and violins. At the end of the song you can hear the choir we recorded, and even some kids’ voices in it.

Filming “Prana” music video was also quite a memorable experience. There were a lot of things that we had to adjust to. The weather was quite bad and we had to postpone the filming a few times. We drowned our drone at some point of the shoot. And it was also my first experience of doing some underwater footage. But I believe we managed to handle all the unexpected challenges, and I am very happy about the video 🙂

What are your plans for the future?

My plans are truly ambitious. I am to release an album, hopefully soon, that will combine all of my most valuable insights and ideas about beauty, love and happiness.

I am to release more new songs as well. My new single “Weightless” will be out on the 5th of May, so stay tuned!

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

I want to say thank you to everyone who supports me, who listens to my songs and watches my music videos. Reading your comments and seeing the real feedback coming from people all around the world is crucial and it really means a lot to me.

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Olla  for Siloud

Instagram: @olla.vibe
Facebook: @olla.vibe
YouTube: @OllaMusic


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